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Border Collie puppy for sale, nationwide delivery.
Border Collie puppies for sale.

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Temperament Tested & Raised Right For You

Border Collie puppy for sale.

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Temperament Tested & Raised Right For You

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Temperament Tested & Raised Right For You

Breeder of Health Tested Border Collies | Springfield, MO | Delivery Available

Have you ‘herd’ the news? 

2J 2K Border Collies Breeding healthy, confident Border Collie puppies with exceptional temperaments. Our mission is to raise and match the right puppy for your family. In doing this, we take into account the puppy’s attributes in addition to what you are looking for in your next best friend. Additionally, we provide puppy evaluations and scorecards to help guide you during puppy selection.  

We breed and raise our Border Collie puppies for sale for approved, responsible, and loving homes. Understandably, socialization is an essential step in raising a puppy. Therefore, all puppies start enrichment activities in our puppy nursery with our BAB Advanced Puppy Curriculum. In addition, we utilize ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation), ESI (Early Scent Introduction), Puppy Culture, and Avidog. 

All in all Border Collies are our passion. Above all, their drive, loyalty, loving nature, intelligence, and graceful style will add fun and happiness to your home!

Health Testing

Border Collie

DNA genetically health tested for the entire Border Collie Canine Health Check, Paw Print Genetics, Optimal Selection, and/or Embark panel. We certify hips, elbows, heart, and patellas with OFA, PennHip, and most dogs have both certifications. We test for BCG with Animal Genetics and Canine Health Check, and our dogs have been CAER certified with OFA. AKC Bred with Heart Breeder.

Border Collie Colors

We offer Border Collie puppies in the following colors: Black & white, Red & white, Blue merle, Red merle, Gold, Lilac, Blue, Red & white tri, Black & white tri, Blue merle tri, and Red Merle tri.

We are proud to offer well-bred, health-tested Border Collies of color with sound temperaments.

Border Collie Puppy

MSCA 2J 2K Maremma Sheepdogs Code of Ethics Breeder Kara Marx and Glacier

Kara Marx | Former MSCA Treasurer Code of Ethics Breeder | Bred with Heart Breeder | BAB Certified Puppy Evaluator

Kara Marx is very active in the breeding industry. She is a Code of Ethics Breeder and former Treasurer of the Maremma Sheepdog Club of America. She is also a Bred With Heart Breeder with the American Kennel Club, a Code of Ethics Breeder with the United Kennel Club, a Good Dog Certified Excellent Breeder, and a certified BAB puppy temperament evaluator.

Kara continuously pursues higher education by attending classes and seminars offered by BAB, Avidog, Good Dog University, Madcap University, Puppy Culture, the AKC Canine College, and more. Kara received certificates and badges of recognition from the AKC, BAB, Good Dog, and Avidog. A sampling of the seminars she has attended include:

  • Genetics with Dr. Casey Carl of Paw Print Genetics
  • Immunology with Dr. Ben Hatler of NeoTech
  • Neonatal care with Dr. Marty Greer of Revival Animal Health 
  • Savvy Socialization with Dr. Gayle Watkins of Avidog.

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$500 Non-Refundable, but Transferable


*We fly our Border Collie puppies in-cabin directly to you; my husband Jason is our flight nanny. 

*We also personally deliver our Border Collie pups to their new homes.

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We love to travel with our Border Collies! Highlights of our travels include: 

  • The Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
  • California Beaches
  • Glamping in Arizona & Missouri
  • Hiking trails in St. Louis, Missouri
  • Exploring National and State Parks and other Sites in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas
  • Florida Beaches, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Clearwater, Key West, Daytona, Jacksonville, Sarasota, Siesta Key, Fort Meyers, Panama City Beach, and more!

“Become A Part Of Our Family When You Make A 2J 2K Border Collie A Part Of Yours!”

“I never had a dog growing up, and the way this girl has impacted my life can bring me to tears. She’s the smartest animal I’ve ever met and can learn a new trick in a matter of two minutes. She is a tennis enthusiast and a lover of the swimming pool; she loves playing with kids and spends an hour or two each week with her dad, giving their time and compassion to kids with autism. To have met Sheba is to absolutely adore her. She has it all!  – Brienna H. | Florida

“The thing that impresses me the most about your dogs is that they are so personable and great family dogs as well as working dogs.” Patricia C. | California | Multiple 2J 2K Border Collie Owner | Qualifier USDAA Nationals

“You have given my family a lot of happiness!” Linda F | Ohio

“Aggie has adjusted to her new home, and she is doing so well; and being such a lovey-dovey! She is such a beautiful little girl who is giving us a ton of joy! We could not be more blessed with the fact that we have her; thank you guys very much!! We have already taught her to sit and give paw and go potty in one night!!

“We want to give you guys an update on Aggie- and she is in puppy school!! She is at the top of the class and knows how to sit and stay, lay down, give paw, and go potty on command!!” Ken & Tracy K. | Missouri

“Jax says thank you! He’s doing great, the best dog we’ve ever owned! He has really started to make himself useful, moving cows and watching gates around the farm, and he’s always happy and willing! Loves the kids and hangs out with them or me constantly. Thanks again for such a wonderful boy!  Jamie C. | Wisconsin

More Reviews

“I can never thank you enough for the breeding line you have worked so hard to get.
They are absolutely Brains, Beauty and a Best Friend. Thank you, Thank you!”

– B.C | Adrian, MO