This morning we took her to the vet. Always like to have them in to do well check so she is on our account! Everyone said how beautiful she is!!! Thank you so much.

I stalk everything around here!!! Lol it is the cutest! She is just so smart we have bells at the door to let us to know when we they have to potty and one time she already did it on her own and the second time she touched her nose to it after I rang it and said let’s go potty!! We are so blessed ❣️ ️

Here is the red and white hot spice!!!! She is a pistol!! I love it!! So so gorgeous! She is doing so good  I can’t tell you how happy my home is now❣️❣️ not a day goes by that I don’t live love and laugh.

Here are the pics on the baby growing!!! I changed her name to Lil because Cayenne just didn’t fit her… but honestly she comes to Lil bear, Honey bear, Lily bear and Lil so far lol she is such a ham!!!!!! Puppy classes are almost done then onto kindergarten!! She got to play in her big tunnel with the chute and she was the only pup that stayed in the chute and played barking and carrying on!! Lol

She is the sweetest dog I have ever had those tale wags and puppy kisses are priceless❣️ melt my heart every time!!

I am very blessed Lilly is so smart and she basically came trained… she is already potty trained, she stays with me off leash geeze the list can go on and on!

❣️❣️ Once again thank you for the bundle of joy in my life!

~ B.C. Adrian, MO

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Kara Marx