We will be completing the training [search and rescue] once it cools down a bit… She’s also in training for agility and herding. Of the three events, she’s best at search/rescue and herding (a natural). While she’s good at agility, she likes to leap over the equipment and sprint to the finish line… (she likes to jump…)

Holly is one of the smartest dogs I have ever owned. She is very athletic, easy to train and has become highly protective of our family, most especially our other dog – a small American Eskimo by the name of Memphis. Several months ago, Holly saved Memphis from a coyote attack while we were playing catch in a nearby soccer field. But, honestly I think her most important quality is that she is just a sweetheart! She’s always wearing a grin! I’ll send some more [pics] of her in action as soon as I remember to pull out my camera!

~ Dawn R. of Peoria, AZ

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Kara Marx