Thank you for such a wonderful puppy. She has already fit in so well. She is calm and confident and on our heels. Yesterday I was sitting in the yard with her and a plane went overhead and she looked up and tracked it . . . she is so smart! Even after working with dogs all these years, it still amazes me that what a dog is bred for can be so instilled in them.

Thursday night was crazy, she was on central time, Jim got up with her a few times, and finally at 3:45 when I let her out the baby Aussies saw me and it was mom’s up, party down . . . what the heck, made coffee and zombied through work Friday. Last night she only needed to go out once, crated her next to one of the girls and she cried for a bit then settled down.

J and I (and dogs) are heading to Montana in a couple weeks to bring my daughter’s goats and barn cat home (somehow her dorm will take the Aussie but not the goats!) so she will get to meet her goat friends soon. They are full sized but gentle, and we will go slow. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. I am always looking to learn.
Thank you so much, Kara. Your dogs are amazing. Hope all is well….

~ Dr. P, Veterinarian, California

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Kara Marx