~A Letter We Received “from Dusty”
Now a Ranch Dog in South Dakota~

Dear Marx Family,
Greetings from Dusty! I am almost one year old now, so I thought I’d let you know how I’m getting along with my new family.
We’re home on the ranch in South Dakota now. It has 6,000 acres and I have the run of the place, but I don’t go very far from the house ’cause they might need me.
I have three sisters. Jackpot is a mixed breed. Someone dumped her in the road ditch when she was a puppy- Sandy found her and brought her home. She’s quiet and sweet and I like her a lot! Then there’s the Corgi’s. Gadget is red, and Gizmo is a black-tri. They’re kinda bossy, but I get along with them, okay. :)
I don’t get car sick anymore. I go with Jerry in the pickup to salt cows and check windmills. Everyday they go riding horseback to check on their cows and I always go along.
Jackpot says pretty soon we’ll be coming back to Arizona for a few months. Well, I don’t want you to worry about me. I’m happy and I like my new family, and I’m pretty sure they like me, too. I heard Jerry and Sandy say the other day what a great dog I was.



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Kara Marx