We are head over heels IN LOVE!!! He’s AWESOME!! Spent an hour with the trainer, she was stunned at how at home he was, tons of confidence, didn’t flinch when our cockatoo alerted. He pranced around the yard like a prince. Jazzy did like we thought and took to protecting him, she was very attentive and gentle.
Can’t thank you enough, our broken hearts are now on the fast track for healing! We wish the same for you and your family. I’ve noticed frequently with humans who are near the end to wait for you to leave before they cross over. ️

They’ve taken to watching Dog TV together. Training today included sit, stay, get in your kennel, get in your “place”, coming to his name, and lots of training tips for me! He fared better than I did, lol! Second nature to him! He slept from midnight to 6 am, no messes! ️️️

Just need to say….this pup is AMAZING! We’re taking him somewhere each day to socialize him, he meets everything with joy and exuberance! He SO smokes our other dogs in training! We love him beyond measure! And, thank you, thank you, for being a kind and generous soul during this amazing life event. When I think about it, you could’ve thought I was a complete nut job at the onset….I was just following my heart, and it paid off BIG TIME! Your acceptance and kindness will always be in my heart. Thank you for helping us fill a Copper (Jefe) sized hole, we loved him beyond belief! As we love Kopper! He’s happy, engaged, pampered, challenged, we’re giving him everything we have, and he’s meeting our efforts. This is the happiest our family has been in a good while. ️️️

~ J.B., Sedona, Arizona

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Kara Marx