“Happy New Year! He’s doing great and is so smart and well behaved. He is already walking well on a leash and learned to sit on command by Monday. We’re working on roll over and “leave it” now. He’s already been introduced to our family’s five Jack Russell’s- and our friend’s two massive Rottweiler mixes; everything has gone well and he loves to play. My brother has been going back and forth on names, so I’m not sure what it will end up as officially . . . :) He is very loved! Such a cuddler and he absolutely loves attention. He’s also a very quick learner. He is an expert hand shaker (if you say ‘howdy’) and will dramatically fall over and play dead if you say ‘ka pow’. He’s an all around great dog and melts when he meets new people. Konner has completed two training classes and is now starting agility. He amazes the instructors. :)

–Nancy and her brother Kurt

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Kara Marx