“I was quite happy with how nice and helpful the Delta staff was when we picked up Samuel. Samuel Slept all night not a squeak out of him! He is doing well. He LOVES to eat and is very playful. We took him on a few short walks yesterday. Did pretty good on his leash, but would just sit down when he was unsure– which is expected. He is doing great with his potty training also. Loves his toys, puts them all in a pile. Favorite is his tennis ball, he is bringing it back to us! Our family room and kitchen are all one big room so he has quite the room to run after it, and bring it back. Such a smarty pants! You have made it so easy by starting him off with some great training! Thank you! He is such a happy boy!! More later….”

“He is doing so well with his commands. I work with him a few times a day on sit, come, he is getting stay– slightly. He is passed out right now outside with us. He played with the frisbee for a bit. I get him to release with a treat and command. When he first wakes up from a nap he is a cuddle bug. He has just crawled into our hearts!”

“We saw the Vet yesterday and he said he is doing great! Samuel weighs 14 pounds. His eyes, ears, temperature, etc. were all good. He had his second set of shots and we also started him on a flea/tick/heartworm preventative. We do have ticks around here. We have a lot of farmland and golf course with bushes all over. Everyone loves him and he has such a great temperment with people. He has to sit before anyone can approach and pet him and he is doing will with that. We took him to a few places with us today to run some errands and he loves to explore.”

“He starts a puppy socialization class in two weeks. He has seen a few dogs in the neighborhood but has only come close to one as I know the dog and his owner. Sammy was quite shy but did sniff with the other dog and it went well. One day he walked with me to our mailbox which is at the end of our yard (no leash) he trots right next to me and when we get to the mailbox I tell him to sit while I get the mail out.”

– Patricia C.