Meet Austin: A Gold & White Male Border Collie Puppy

Born and raised in a loving, caring, and social environment, Austin will exhibit all the classic traits of his breed—intelligence, energy, and keen responsiveness.

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Austin's Unique Qualities

From his fluffy gold and white coat and sparkling eyes, Austin is a little ball of joy! He loves to play and socialize, making friends wherever he goes. His affectionate nature and happy-go-lucky spirit make him the perfect addition to any family. Bring home this loving pup, and you’ll have a loyal companion for all your adventures. Just like his parents and siblings, Austin’s specialized and early nurturing will make him an ideal companion for active families and individuals.

Border Collie puppy for sale near me.

Austin's Gallery

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Border Collie puppy for sale.
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What Our Happy Puppy Parents Say

We got our girl from 2J 2K Border Collies a couple of weeks ago. Kara was amazing throughout the process! She constantly gave information to help us prepare for our new puppy (the puppy training podcast was super helpful) and shared updates on her progress throughout the first 8 weeks. Our girl is so easy to train and she is picking things up so quickly! If you are looking at getting a Border Collie, I would highly recommend getting it from here! 

Brittany H. | Liberty, Missouri

I wanted to send you a few pictures of Roxy. She doesn’t act like she’s only been with us for a few days. I don’t know how much work y’all put into potty training her, but she is unlike any dog we’ve had. She is excellent at going potty. She’s a super sweet girl!

She’s also just a really good dog. She slept last night mostly out of her kennel in our guest room with me and the other two dogs. She had zero accidents, if she was up she played with her toys, when I woke up at 4 to let her out to go potty, she had all of her toys  put her in a pile that she made. She is great!  Anyway, just wanted to send you some images, we appreciate y’all and her.
Thank you again!
Tommy V. | Olathe, Kansas

I spent several months looking into Border Collie breeders and I am so happy I ended up getting my puppy from 2J2K! She is the sweetest dog I have ever met. She’s loving, affectionate, and great around new people and other dogs. I am grateful for the care the Marx family takes in breeding healthy dogs with great temperaments and the early intervention they provide with their puppy curriculum. My puppy is 9 months old now and people are always shocked she is still a puppy because of her calm, sweet nature. I traveled from California to pick up my puppy and I would do it again!

Kimberly P. | Loma Linda California