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Living in Arizona our first puppy (as a married couple) was Cheyanna, an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie. She was a rescue and after a rough start in life, she became a fun and loving dog who didn’t know a stranger. Tisdale, an Australian Shepherd, soon joined the family.

Several years ago Swift, a playful, adorable and intelligent Border Collie came to live with us, and it was love at first sight! We chose our breeder carefully and are thankful for the guidance and support they’ve offered over the years. Swift opened our hearts to Border Collies and to the ‘Border Collie People’ in our lives. We’ve met many breeders, trainers, and owners in the Border Collie world and we appreciate the relationships that have developed over the years.

We first learned of the Maremma Sheepdog from friends in AZ who have them guarding their goats. In Arizona we didn’t have a predator problem, but when we moved to Missouri and onto larger acreage we decided we needed an LGD to guard our livestock. Before we made the commitment to the Maremma Sheepdog we spent several years researching LGD breeds; their temperaments, guarding styles, etc. We narrowed our choice to the Maremma Sheepdog and began researching pedigrees, breeders, and genetics. We are glad we chose the frinedly and loving Italian Maremma Sheepdog to guard our chickens, guineas, lambs, and other animals on the ranch. 

Our teenagers help with basic obedience training and daily farm chores. We attend training classes at our local training club to further our education. Working with, training and managing animals is a powerful tool and develops responsibility and skills that are applicable in many areas of life.
Giving back is important to us. We donate to Guiding Eyes For The Blind and Sam’s Wish. Sam’s Wish provides dogs to individuals in need of a therapy dog. Those in need may be in a wheelchair, have diabetes, PTSD, or developmental disabilities.

For those of you who are considering adding a Border Collie or Maremma Sheepdog into your life, we encourage you to learn all you can about the breed, and to be honest, and ask yourself — Is this truly the breed for me? If after research and reflection, the answer is yes, we invite you to introduce yourself by filling out the form below.

It is our top priority to find amazing homes for our puppies, and we greatly enjoy keeping in touch with the puppies’ new families.

2J 2K Border Collies and 2J 2K Maremma Sheepdogs live in 4 countries and 38 states. These include: Bogota, Colombia;  Saudi Arabia, Quebec, Canada; British Columbia, Canada; Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Kentucky, South Dakota, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida and Georgia.  

Thank you for such a wonderful puppy. She has already fit in so well. She is calm and confident and on our heels. Yesterday I was sitting in the yard with her and a plane went overhead and she looked up and tracked it – she is so smart!

Even after working with dogs all these years, it still amazes me that what a dog is bred for can be so instilled in them. Thank you so much, Kara. Your dogs are amazing. Hope all is well.”
– Dr. P. Veterinarian and 2J 2K Maremma Sheepdog Owner, California

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