Memorial Day found us at my 92 year old Grandma’s. She lives with her daughter who is my Aunt Jeanne. Because our Uncle Warren and Aunt Linda and cousin Ariel were visiting from Arizona it turned into a family reunion. We listened to the National Anthem, and some of us sang along! We also sang a grace (“For This Food We Thank Thee Father”) for the meal. Our cousin Shannon made a touching tribute to those present who have served for our country. What a blast to be with so much family!! Shannon and Chrissy (my cousin and his wife who own the property where Grandma and Jeanne live–and live on the same acreage) took the kiddos on a farm tour at the neighbors. There were baby pot bellied pigs, baby calves, baby goats, and chickens. The little piggy’s were adorable!!

Baby calf and the adorable baby pot bellied piglets, there were more of them, too!!

Some of us who accompanied the littles to the farm.

Arizona cousins reunited.

My hubby and son spent most of the day fishing. They went out in the boat and this time Jason (my husband) caught most of the fish! Jadon was excited for his Dad. This Mom loves the father son bonding they do while fishing!!

Father and son bonding time on the boat.

One of the catches of the day.

We’ve also been keeping busy with our Border Collies. The puppies are getting big and soon they will all be in their new homes. It’s a rewarding job and I’m thankful we, as a family, are able to work together to produce healthy Border Collie’s for people who love the breed. One time my Mom was with us when we met a family who would add one of our Border’s into their life. She remarked “Are all the people your puppies go to that nice?” And I told her, “Yes”. It’s so awesome to connect and get to know a little about the people who make our puppies a part of their family!

Blue merle and red merle border collies.

Mamas and puppies out for a photo shoot.

A man working on the farm with his border collies following him.

Daddy is working on the chicken coop (in the background) and the girls are following him around.

Kaiya is sleeping in Jadon’s hand. He loves her and this is one of the hardest parts of raising puppies. He wanted to keep her so much!! Oh my heart hurt for his little heart!!

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Kara Marx