Our current litter of border collie puppies are three little blue merle females, Brooke, Neytiri, and Afina. This is our first all blue merle litter and our first all female litter! They are not the result of a merle to merle breeding, their Dam is a merle and their Dad is black and white. We decided on a blue theme and Neytiri is named after the leader’s daughter in the movie, Avatar. Afina means blueberry in Romania and Brooke is named after a small, bubbling, blue stream in a forest!

Blue merle border collie puppies in their puppy bed.

The puppies are raised with Puppy Culture a curriculum that follows the developmental stages of young puppies and offers age appropriate protocols and lessons. The program was developed by Jane Killion, a fellow breeder. Jane has put together a program based on the latest scientific and veterinarian research and recommendations. There is a film, titled Puppy Culture The Original Film that explains the logic of the program, including interviews with many experts and authors. When Puppy Culture is properly followed we are able to fundamentally change the neurological structure of the puppies brain, giving the puppy a voice, and shaping emotionally well regulated adults. The film is wonderful for puppy owners, as well as breeders and other dog enthusiasts, and may be purchased here.

2J 2K border collie puppy nursery.

We raise our border collie puppies with many enrichment toys. The puppies learn to navigate large and small objects. All the while they are also learning that there are a variety of things out in this big ol’ world and they have the ability to face new experiences, new people, new dogs, etc. with confidence and poise. This is a fun time for us as we interact with our playful puppies. Using the Puppy Culture protocols we introduce one new object and/or experience a day. At this stage, 3-4 weeks old, puppies are curious and easily influenced. A clean living area is healthy and advantageous to future puppy owners. When their puppy pen is kept clean and proper potty areas established from a young age, puppies are healthier, happier, and potty training is much easier for new puppy families. It is also important to introduce puppies to friendly family dogs, like Uncle Jake, pictured below.

Uncle Jake, a red and white border collie loves puppies!

Raw goat milk sourced locally from a neighbor and raw venison harvested on another neighbor’s farm by my husband, Jason, are excellent segues from the milk bar to solid foods. The puppies had their first go at both today and loved them! Because they still want and need their mother at this time, the weaning process is gradual. There is definitely a difference in the contentment and comfort they take while nursing than when they’re lapping from a metal dish, lol.

All in all 2019 has been a wonderful year here at 2J 2K Border Collies! We’re excited to ring in a new decade with our border collie friends and family and we wish you a Happy N-EWE Year!!






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